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Many interpreters of the Tarot see the spiritual implications of the symbols in the card, the Fool. They explain that the Hebrew letter assigned to this card reveals a much deeper secret. As stated the letter assigned to The Fool is Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Aleph is both a symbol for the Life Breath and Ox or Bull.

and their associated Element, Hebrew Letter, and Planet



Today the word fool has derogatory connotations, however, its etymology derives from the Latin follis, meaning bellows or windbag. A windbag is empty until filled with air. The Divine spark encased in the soul fills his or her windbag with experience. However, if we consider the musical Note discipline we can learn even more from this symbol. If the windbag is the cloth bag in a set of bagpipes, then this symbol could mean that we can be a vessel for the Sound “Word” of the archetypal plane.

One of the most helpful pillars we were given was that the key to the mysteries is hidden in our language, English. As we said, we understand this to mean that we have retained spiritual Truth subliminally transmitting it through time in our language. So despite the changing of the meaning of Fool, the imagery of the card reminds us that the Fool stands for that part of us, the Spiritual soul or ego, (not to be mistaken for the lower ego, which is composed of the lower selfish emotions and motivations) which is innocent and empty and above material concerns.

To reiterate, the Hebrew letter Aleph’s א symbol is the ox or bull, which is one of the four chief symbols. These four symbols represented the four fixed signs of the zodiac: the bull for Taurus, the lion for Leo, the eagle for Scorpio and the man angel for Aquarius. A symbol was given to each sign of the zodiac. The remaining eight signs are divided between cardinal and mutable. Each zodiac sign is associated with certain symbols. As we’ve already covered the fixed signs we will list the cardinal and mutable. The cardinal sign’s symbols are: Aries-ram; Cancer-crab; Libra-scales and Capricorn-goat. The mutable sign’s symbols are: Gemini-twins; Virgo-virgin; Sagittarius-archer and Pisces-fishes. In addition to these pictorial symbols the twelve signs are assigned different SYMBOLS (glyphs) as shown in (Figure 7.) above. The associated Astrological planets that rule the SUN SIGNS are also given Symbols (glyphs)and an assigned Hebrew Letter. The Letters are as follows: Aries - HEH, Taurus - VAV, Gemini - ZAIN, Cancer - CHETH, Leo - TETH, Virgo - YOD, Libra - LAMED, Scorpio - NUN, Sagittarius - SAMEKH, Capricorn - AYIN, Aquarius - TZADDI, and Pisces - QOPH. (see chart below)

One of the reasons the Church vilified the Tarot was because it supports the doctrine of reincarnation. This is shown by the symbol of The Fool carrying a bag attached to a staff in the first trump. In kabalistic symbolism, the staff represents the Tree of Life or the ten Sephirot. The bag represents what the spiritual ego brings into each incarnation. This bag contains the desires, phobias or fears and lessons learned from previous incarnations. Furthermore, it contains the memory of the soul’s purpose for incarnation at the fullness of time.

The major arcana trumps are also assigned a symbol and like the astrological symbols, each symbol in the Tarot trumps will help guide you to your purpose. And so all seven disciplines working together can help discover your hidden spiritual strengths and weaknesses like THE FOOL on the path Below...

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